Action packed holidays that embrace every ability

What to Bring

Please make sure you bring all your clothes in a suitcase or bag which is well labelled with your name. All the bags are put onto the coach together and someone else may load and unload yours so don't rely on being able to recognise it.

Make sure all your clothes are labelled, the best way is to use sewn-in name labels but writing your initials on the washing label with biro will be fine. Remember that there are more than 30 people on a holiday - that's an awful lot of black socks, T-shirts and trainers (make sure you put your initials on the inside of them too).

Here are some other things you might like to bring:

  • Lots of easy to wear clothes, which don't mind getting wet and dirty. There are no clothes washing facilities at the centre so make sure you bring enough for the week. Some of the activities may be messy or wet so make sure you bring enough.
  • Swimming trunks/costume.
  • A second pair of old trainers (for getting wet / muddy etc).
  • A torch (for the midnight walk and camping).
  • A water pistol, if you have one, there will probably be a water fight (ask your leader).
  • You will need a packed lunch for the first day.
  • All bedding is provided, but towels are not.
  • Money, for souvenirs, snacks etc. We pay for your food, accomodation, entry fees etc. Bring the money in an envelope with your name and amount on the outside. Give it to the volunteer in charge of the pocket money for safe keeping.
  • If you have any medication please give it to the nurse. He or she will look after it during the holiday and give it to you at the right times.
  • Don't bring any expensive cameras, games, mobile phones etc. The holidays are tough places for sensitive electronics and we can't take responsibility for them if they are damaged or lost.