Action packed holidays that embrace every ability

About Us

Action packed Holidays that embrace every ability

Birmingham PHAB Camps runs amazing adventure weeks away for children and young adults from Birmingham to help combat the boredom of the School holidays!

What makes our adventure weeks away so fun and special is that we make them inclusive of everyone. Birmingham is a large multicultural city, home to young people from all walks of life, faiths, ethnicities and abilities. Our mission is to integrate Birmingham's young people and create better understanding and friendships between them. What better way of doing that than going away on holiday together?

Who are the Holidays for?

Simple answer: all children living in Birmingham aged eight to sixteen of any ability from any home life, from the least privileged to the most privileged - because integration means everyone!

As well as this, we also run two action adventure holidays for young adults with varying additional needs.

What is Birmingham PHAB Camps?

We're a voluntary charity organisation that has been running over 50 years.

No-one gets paid to work for PHAB - it's entirely voluntary.

Never-the-less, running safe, inclusive and action-packed holidays is a large operation, so we have volunteer members working all year round to plan, risk assess, and fundraise to make it happen!

We have no fixed means of income so, to achieve this, we have to actively raise around £120K each year to pay for the holiday venues, transport and activities.

Can I come on one of your Holidays?

YES! - if you're a child from Birmingham aged between 8 and 16 - chances are one of our camps is for you and you will have an amazing time!

YES! - if you're an adult from Birmingham with additional needs, aged between 18 - 25 - and you want to get away and make friends with others!

YES! - if you're over 18 from anywhere in the world - and would like to volunteer on one of our holidays. We can guarantee you the best week of your life, lasting friendships and the desire to come back!

Please explore our website and find about more about how you can get involved!

How we Help

101 Young People's Holidays Last Year

We provided holidays for young people aged between 7 and 25 from the Birmingham area.

82 Families Supported

We gave support to 82 families last year. It was the first time that some of our young people had been away on holiday.

1:2 Carer Ratio

We provide a minimum of 1 carer for every 2 young people on our holidays. This enables us to tailor the holidays for people with a wide range of abilities.

16,968 Hours of Respite Care

Some families never get a break from caring. We give them the time to rest, recharge their batteries and focus on their other children.