Action packed holidays that embrace every ability

About Us

Birmingham PHAB Camps is a voluntary organisation that provides holidays aimed at creating inclusion for disadvantaged young people, with and without disabilities, from the Birmingham area. We are staffed entirely by volunteers.

Our children and young adults are given the opportunity to participate in new and challenging experiences and everyone can take part together, no matter what their ability. Many who join us for a week have no other opportunity for a holiday.

We have no fixed means of income so, to achieve this, we have to actively raise around £95K each year.

The charity's operations are managed by a team of enthusiastic volunteers through an operational committee, and a group of sub-teams, with responsibility for running the holidays and fundraising. The charity is overseen by a small group of Trustees who are responsible for reviewing the charity's policies and governance. Everyone works voluntarily so there are no salaries to pay and very few expenses are claimed. Our administration costs are less than 1% of our total expenditure each year.

A copy of our annual report and accounts may be obtained by contacting the treasurer. His details are on the contact page.

How we Help

101 Young People's Holidays Last Year

We provided holidays for young people aged between 7 and 25 from the Birmingham area.

82 Families Supported

We gave support to 82 families last year. It was the first time that some of our young people had been away on holiday.

1:2 Carer Ratio

We provide a minimum of 1 carer for every 2 young people on our holidays. This enables us to tailor the holidays for people with a wide range of abilities.

16,968 Hours of Respite Care

Some families never get a break from careing. We give them the time to rest, recharge their batteries and focus on their other children.