Action packed holidays that embrace every ability

How Much Does it Cost?

It costs about £120,000 to run the holidays each year. That's about £1,115 for every child we take on holiday. We have to raise all this money. We recieve no government grants or help from social services. To keep costs as low as possible we have no paid staff.

All of the people who organise and run the holidays are unpaid volunteers who claim no expenses for going to monthly committee meetings or preparing for the holidays. Much of the photocopying and secretarial work is donated by local companies or committee members. Because of this our overheads are less than 2% of our total income.

How do we Raise it all?

We rely on a variety of sources for our income:


About 70% of our funding is generously provided by Charitable Trust Funds around the country. Some of these are set up with the proceeds of someone's assets when they die. Others are from charities that collect money on our behalf. Every year around 40 trusts award us grants of between £50 and £10,000

Family Contributions

Parents are asked to give a contribution towards the running costs of the holidays. We don't fix an amount, as we do not discriminate between those who can pay and those who can't. Instead we ask the parents to give what they feel they can afford. This is usually around £50 - £150

Volunteer Sponsorship

We only ask volunteers for an admin fee as we feel it would be unfair for them to give up their time and pay for the privilege. However we do strongly encourage them to try and get sponsorship for coming on the holiday.

Events and Supporters

We hold a number of fund-raising events througout the year. We are also supported by people who raise sponsorship for challenges such as marathon running, skydiving, firewalking or bungee-jumping.