Action packed holidays that embrace every ability

Our Committee

A thriving and active group of people run the charity. We are passionate about the holidays and their benefits to the young people we take on holiday. Most of us live in Birmingham and meet regularly to ensure everything runs smootly.

We work in a series of teams...

  • The Board of Trustees is an elected group who oversee the governance of the charity. They ensure that the appropriate policies and procedures are in place to protect the charity and all those involved with it.
  • The Operational Committee meets every month. It is responsible for the day-to-day running of the charity and ensures that everyting is running smoothly.
  • The Holiday and Volunteer allocation teams organise all the people who go on the holidays. They receive enquiries, allocate people to holidays and ensure everyone knows which holiday they are going on.
  • The fundraising team organisex our fundraising events, contact charitable trust funds, shake cans outside supermarkets, sell cards, ask companies for donations, wear silly clothes and do everything, just everything they can to raise the money we need for the holidays.
  • The communications team lookx after our Facebook and Twitter pages, our Website, Freiends of PHAB and tell the world how greate we are!
  • The transport team organises the coaches to take us to the centres and minibusses we use to get around on holiday. They make sure that we're all safe and legal when we go out.

We're always on the look-out of energetic, fun-loving people who would like to help us run the holidays. If you are interested then contact Maxine for a chat. Here details are on the contact page.