Action packed holidays that embrace every ability


A Volunteer's Role

You need energy, ideas, imagination, the ability to get on with the children as well as the other volunteers. You may have individual skills (eg. you could be a good swimmer, play the guitar or be good at art).

You will be expected to carry responsibility and, whilst there is a leader who plans the overall pattern of the day, there is plenty of room for flexibility and all the volunteers have a big say in what takes place during the week.

It is up to each volunteer to cope with any unexpected situations that may arise for example, the girl who has lost her purse or the boy who wants to go swimming but has no trunks.

You will have the chance to make new friends and make a difference to the children's lives. Many of them look forward to the holiday all year and, at the end of the week, invariably ask whether they can go on next year's holiday.

The volunteers work very hard, but we also have a good social life. You won't get any financial reward and you will be exhausted by the end. You must be able to impose the self-discipline to ensure you do not run out of steam before the end of the holiday.


Each volunteer who applies for a holiday must attend the volunteer training day, which is held on a Sunday at the end of June.

During the day you will meet the other members of your holiday as well as discuss the plan for the week with the leader. You will be given basic training in looking after others. This includes hygiene, use of wheelchairs, use of minibuses, child protection issues and safety. There are also question and answer sessions as well as group discussions with the holiday leaders and experienced volunteers

There will be a mixture of experienced and new volunteers to ensure there are always enough people around who can answer questions.

Everybody will receive a copy of the volunteer booklet. It contains much of the information in this website as well as plenty more details you'll need on the holiday.

"I would just like to express my thanks to the most wonderful people who freely give of their time and energy to help make it such a special week for so many children."